One time transfer fileshare question

If I have both game types and maps on the day of the transfer will it still transfer?


From my understanding they will be transferring one type of file at a time, so today they’ll be pulling only gametypes, and on the 26th they’ll be pulling only maps. If you have a mix of both in your fileshare I assume it’ll still copy the right ones across, but the deadline for gametypes may have passed already.
From this:

> By allowing players to fill up their file share with game types during the first pull and again with maps on the second pull, players can maximize their slots and bring over as many of each file type as they can fit in their file share.

I assume it’s just the best way of getting the most files uploaded, but if you have both it won’t mess up the system.
If you’re worried it might, you can always leave the gametypes out just in case.

> User: Just double-checking is it okay to have maps and game types in your file share at the same time?
> Postums: It is fine to leave them. Just if you have more maps you wish to transfer, you can make extra room by removing the game types and putting additional maps up.

You can have a mix of both game types and maps but each will only be transferred on their corresponding date. Gametypes have already been moved but maps will be brought over on the 26th of August