One Thing you want to change for Halo 5

For, me is the matchmaking core, I prefer the classic halo pick-up formula, each team starting with the same gun and using only weapon/abilities.

How about you?

There are a lot of things we all want for Halo 5. Personally, i want to see both SpOps and Firefight in the next title

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I just want to play a Halo game again. Not a wanna be —…ill let you imagine what 3 letters go there.

But in all seriousness Honestly the Reach Style loadouts were much better than what we have now. They were not personal butat least everyone had the same gun and grenade type just different AA’s which made it much more balanced and less chaotic (no mini shotgun or stickies everywhere). If they decide to scrap the loadouts idea ill be even happier! :slight_smile:

Ordenance has to go.Period.

Making vehicles, expecially the warthog, useful again.

Something I miss sorely is the old covenant art style, nothing better than a grunt running away in terror. Please bring them back for Halo 5

I don’t see why you can’t play as an Elite on matchmaking.

My pants.

I want to get some fat pants so that when Halo 5 comes out and I lay near motionless in front of my TV for days on end I can expand exponentially without threat to fabric degradation.

Search parameters, to avoid lag. Lag is a pain in the $#@! for me. I would be happy to see it gone in Halo 5.

Hmmm the one thing i would change for Halo 5? Hmmmm this is tough. Lets start with EVERYTHING

Everything related to matchmaking needs serious work

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