One thing that I wish for a future Halo Wars game

Yes, I know that Halo: Infinite has a bit of flak for the glowing team colour outlines in their multiplayer, but this can be one thing that a future Halo Wars game can use if 343 and CA decide to get off their -Yoink- and make a new Halo Wars game. The team colour outlines would be better for a Halo Wars game as it would not restrict players from customising their colour schemes and restricting colour depending on which team you are on in a multiplayer game. Heck, an Army Painter like feature a la Dawn of War can be implemented to let you customize your army’s colours. We had the ability to customize our multiplayer character’s cosmetics through colour and armor in the Halo FPS games, so why not let us customize the colour of our units in a Halo Wars game?

This is a very interesting point for sure. I do like the customization aspect of this. We just need to give 343 time, they are most likely short staffed with the release date of Infinite coming up all hands on deck for that, that’s why MCC is only getting Season 8 and not all 10 seasons like they had planned. But I am stoked that they are putting this much effort into Infinite as the tech previews were so much fun to play.