One thing that always irks me... RELOAD!

What were you thinking about when I said, “RELOAD”? Is it time to get rid of reloading? Nah, it’s there for strategic purposes of when to fight and when to not. No, that’s not what I’m thinking about. Maybe, you’re thinking the same thing? It’s the reload animation, the continuous releasing of the empty magazine or cartridge. I am tired of popping out the empty magazine out of my BR because I had to switch my weapon during a fight. When I didn’t have time to reload, I had to stop the reload animation by switching to my other weapon to shoot down that player, who interrupted my reload. I switched back to my emptied BR, and oh, it popped out another empty magazine. I tried to reload two more times in the middle of a hectic fight. I found it funny that I’m ejecting another empty mag, but after a while, it got annoying. I need those two seconds for a chance for bragging rights, even though I don’t brag.

I really hoped that Halo 5 would fix this problem, but 343i never fixed this. Now, it’s Halo Infinite. I’m hoping that the empty magazine doesn’t keep ejecting anymore. I would love to see my Spartan inserting a fresh mag into the BR after he already took out the empty mag. They don’t have to change the time to reload for strategic purpose unless 343i would reduce the time to reload after you already took out the empty mag. It’s 2018, and this reloading doesn’t have to be a thing anymore. Put an end to the infinite empty mags, and start inserting a fresh one when the weapon is clearly ready for one.

Here’s an example. I don’t think any shooter games should do that. Especially Halo:
I have a lot of empty mags.

Or everytime you switch your firearms out, you have to manually charge another round in the chamber.

I get the tactical/gameplay element of it, but I feel like something else could be done.

Yeah, something should be done about it.

Maybe they should bring the return of backpack reloading :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s CDPR levels of attention to detail; I don’t foresee 343 doing this, or even caring to be totally honest.

You know, that never really bothered me, but now that you mention it, it would be a nice addition. It’s not required in my opinion, but a neat little mechanic that could both improve realism as well as speed up gameplay. It’s more a “quality of life” addition like switching seats in vehicles than fixing anything gamebreaking, but the devil’s in the detail.
I’m just afraid that now because you pointed this out to me, I won’t be able to unsee it in any game I play ever again.

It’d be cool if once your empty mag is out you could switch to your other gun then when you go back to the empty one all you have to do is put a full mag in, I like it.

Which is why you’re advised to always keep your gun loaded.
Otherwise, you may not be as lucky as he was.

If we are wanting to go this realistic, wouldn’t we end up moving to our magazines not being full since we are reloading when they are not empty?

I’ve noticed it after many firefights. I would reload in the middle of the duel, and then switch it back out of panic. I never want to run out of ammo, especially there’s not enough rounds in the BR to kill four players. It’s not game breaking, but it would be super satisfying to insert a fresh mag. I’m not asking for full realism. I just want a small adjustment to sooth my nerves.