One thing I'd like to return

The ability to search for a new match after my last game is over. Instead of being sent to the menu and having to hit search again.

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Yep. That would be nice. Especially as I get a bit distracted on the laptop and/or piano.

But I guess that is balanced by the risk of AFK’s who actually get up and walk away without realising they have been queued?

Hopefully they will add some QOL features when they revamp the custom game browser.


I get the idea but remember people get kicked for being AFK now. I think having to click “search” is still a good move for Infinite.

Rather not honestly, allowing afkers to jump from match to match to match, rubber banding buttons for movement while holding down attack to make it look like they were active.

Dealt with it enough in MCC.

Even then though, sometimes I would think I stopped it from searching to head to the bathroom, break, food, ect. and find me in another match I didn’t want to enter as well.

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100%, MCC auto search is nice, but not for the fakers, or for those that are truly trying to take a break, but missed a button press.