One thing Halo 4's multiplayer needs...

Filling empty slots on your team in game left by quitters. There’ll probably be some form of ranked playlist for those who are into that sort of thing where team spots cannot be filled but for the majority of people playing regular matchmaking, Halo games are most often ruined by quitters spots being unfilled. Turning a match into either an unfun rout or a boring game of hide and seek depending which side of the quit you’re on.

Yeah you’ll sometimes be dropped into a match where your team is close to losing but I think that’s preferable to how badly quitters can effect matchmaking. Has anyone here even completed a full BTB match, especially an objective one, without quitters? I haven’t.

No, because then you have people joining a game, getting dropped in to one thats like 40-15, then quitting. Someones else joins. Then quits. And joins. And quits. It’s lame.