One simple easy improvement that would make this game a million times better

get rid of weekly all together or make it so its based solely on how many matches you played so we dont have to freaking feel like this is a job and can actually play for fun.


This was careful planning that spanned over multiple years and costed hundreds of millions of dollars, this wasn’t a mistake, it was their plan all along and it will most likely never change.


Since you are in favor of simply getting rid of the weekly, perhaps you should just play for fun, as you suggest, rather than let the game manipulate you.


Kinda hard to play the game for fun when all your friends stopped playing and the game loving to throw you into high ping matches combined with dysync issues on top of a EXTREMELY SLOW content feed

Oh boy it sure is fun getting killed around walls


It’s hilarious coming to these types of posts and seeing people come up with the most useless solutions. How about, instead of fixing a symptom of the challenge system, get rid of it all together. So cool, the weekly is gone, but now we still have to deal with the fact that the challenges still exist, that they’re the only method to level up, and how all progression is based on it and how it forced different.gameplay styles.

Your solution fixes nothing meaningful.


You don’t need to do challenges to progress. I hit level 100 just playing matches, a little over an hour a day each day. There were a few challenges I completed, but very few. I did use a single 2x exp boosters each day since I had 35+ after season one. They doubled the bonus exp, I’d get around 2500-3000 every day with them.

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Why would I want to play this game for 35 hours?

Paraphrasing: “You don’t need to play challenges, you just have to grind the same games for over 35 hours”. Get over yourself. This is pathetic.

I could play the entirety of a brand new game with tons more content than Halo Infinite will ever contain in that time. That’s an issue.

Hell, I could play Elden Ring for 120 hours and still not repeat the same content. Why would I waste my time grinding for 35 hours when I could Speedrun unlocking the content for the ENTIRE game in a third of the time.

If I wanted to play a game for fun, I wouldn’t grind the same game modes for hours on end. That’s insanity. You’d have to be delusional to find that fun. Playing literally any other game would be more enjoyable. They need to add content to this game and get rid of the challenges. It’s had the same content with nothing new for months now.

I’ve been playing FF14 for literally DAYS of accumulated time and I’m at the tip of the iceberg of new and exciting content.

Halo Infinite, you play the campaign to 100% in 20 hours and play each game mode and map once and you’ve seen the entire game. It’s pathetic.

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Yeah, you’re not wrong, but what does that have to do with what OP was talking about? Or, did you just want to stomp your feet and complain about an unrelated topic?

I think the issue is everything is tied to challenges in the first place and it makes challenges overall feel more like a Daily/Weekly To Do list. Challenges need to be more of a secondary thing again like they were previously.

One fix I can think of is redo the whole Battle Pass idea, make it a never-ending or even a periodically resetting Career Progression system that is designed similar to previous Halos instead Infinite’s 7-a-day match XP and Challenges(this would remain for players who don’t purchase the battle pass). Gaining natural XP from gameplay(put a fair limit on it if afraid of boosting) would allow players to level up their Battle Passes in a slow but fair and fun way. Also, giving players more reason to capture the flag because it offers the same XP score (or more) as a kill. Maybe it can even be used as a way to punish players who get booted for betrayals(kind of rare but still possible) or quit too many games, etc. by taking away XP points or making players earn a certain amount before they can gain more towards their progression again(in the form of a Penalty Challenge perhaps?).

There won’t be any need for just Events to bring people back, because now you can toss in Double XP weeks or weekends! With Challenges offering 2x the amount of XP on top of the new natural progression(for those who purchased the BP of course)!

Whatever cosmetics they put in the Battle Pass would become the career progression unlocks, 343 would probably have to add a bit more to it, eventually keep adding more and more as time goes on but players would be paying for this each Season, so they would see revenue from it. They could still keep the unlocks separated by BPs to maximize profits.

I know these ideas would some need more brainstorming because I came up with them in like 20 minutes… but the possibilities for making big money AND launching a great Halo game is right there but 343 keep picking the strangest strategies.

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Your response to op’s suggestion was telling them to play for fun which i listed reasons why how that’s not easily possible

Its on topic as it is a response to your suggestion which was a suggestion to OP

The op should’ve also added a replacement to the removal but thats beside the point

Bingo(20 characters)

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In the OPs own words:

My suggestion to ignore the weekly does the same thing for them as if 343 were to remove it.

nope some of us like getting the weekly content and hate missing out its something that cant so simply be ignored but then all my play time goes towards feeling like crap grinding game modes idc for when I just want to play whatever I want

They just need to make it so we can get weekly just by playing whatever we want every week

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I’m worried that we won’t see a change in the challenge system until 343i overhauls the whole thing. In order to advance you have to sign yourself up for a roll of the dice to get the gametype and/or map you need. That’s a very intentional choice and a time sink nightmare… It radiates the idea that the player is being manipulated to keep playing.

Click **here** for a rant about that!

This is a AAA (“triple A”) game. 343i literally hired someone specifically to set this stuff up. You do not need a degree in psychology to use techniques to keep players coming back. Modern Warfare 2 was the first game that exposed me to this kind of thing. It was the flagship poster child for “Skinner Box” psychology. The biggest difference was that advancing meant both playing more and changing your play style (with different weapons). Maybe if there was more content and the UI wasn’t allegedly a tech debt landmine the challenge system would be better but I don’t have much hope. It falls pretty squarely under “Lawful Evil” in my opinion and is surely the result of management making a decision.

It’s fine to like this stuff. It’s like the collectathon genre molded into other games. What matters first is that you have your own life in order. But I cannot help but think that when someone is only driven to play this stuff for the sake of getting the collectables that they don’t have their priorities in order. Halo: Infinite is fun. Through all the issues I genuinely do have a good time with the game. (It’s the social, custom game, forge, and theater aspects that bring it down the hardest in my eyes.)

But please take a step back and think about your life if you don’t play this game for any reason other than to unlock the latest weekly. I’m not joking. I went through that years ago. I had to overcome that. It made the game, Modern Warfare 2, a bad habit. I even came back to that habit later. I genuinely think that playing for the purpose of unlocking a cosmetic or raising a number AND having an awful time to the point where you lack another reason to play is a toxic mindset.

I hope that one day we get the freedom to play a specific gametype and/or map. I would be a lot less upset at the challenge system if we could do that.

It wouldn’t be so bad if 343 was actually offering something worth the grind., but the problem is they really aren’t offering anything at all. The SP system is literally broken and it’s why I will never by one. Why waste my time on useless items when I already have most of those items from previous titles. What so special doing the copy and paste work?

I get enough of that from Bungie that is the biggest recycling company out to date.

To have fun?
I was just pointing out that your problem with challenges when it comes to progressing is a non issue though. I was just pointing out that you can play the game the way you wanted to and still hit level 100 no problem without ever touching Challenges.

If you don’t like doing the challenges, you should just play whatever it is you want to play instead. This way you can have fun and still make decent progress on your battle pass no sweat…

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I mainly go for what I want and nothing else its too much of a job chore crap to get all in a completionist stand point.

I dont play halo infinite much beyond getting stuff I want because weeklys take away my desire to want to play it for fun

in addition I usually last minute it on tuesday mornings lmao because its a struggle to get my self to play as is because of how crap everything is with infinite

A game shouldn’t be making you choose between efficiency and fun. Especially not in a system that locks things away for possibly ever.

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You don’t understand. The game force feeds the idea that completeing challenges is the only way to progress through the battle pass with any speed. The game bars unlockable content, that will never see the light of day after the week is over, based on completing all the challenges. What exactly is fun being slapped in the face with the fact that you’re playing the game wrong by the game you’re playing? If you think that’s fun, then God help you.

The game makes it explicitly clear that the intended way to play the game is to do these challenges. Not just do them, but to do as many, as fast as possible, within the time limits of a 1 hour XP boost.

To play the way you suggest is to undermine the intended way to play the game. The game simply isn’t enjoyable enough to play 35 hours when the solution to shortening the grind is to do obnoxious challenges.

You can say that they’re irrelevant, but anyone with a brain knows that the challenge system is one of the major offenders that caused a majority of the playerbase to never download the game again.