One reason why Active Camo was OP

In Halo 4, having the ability to go camo in close-range maps is probably its least useful application. On BTB, it’s definitely near impossible to spot camo unless their service tag comes up.

However, the reason I say it was OP has to do with auto aim. Now, I understand the skill behind aiming, but when someone had camo with an AR, and all you had was a precision weapon, your lack of auto aim while they’re cloaked (EVEN IF you see them on radar OR through your own eyes) gives them an unparalleled advantage when using any and all weapons. That advantage is, in my mind, unfair for most weapon matchups because even if you know the person is there, you’re down half your shield before you even get a bit of auto aim, while they’re already firing accurately.

Sure, against inferiorly skilled players, you can still outplay them. But every time I have used camo, I’ve consistently shredded people that are high K/D (1.5+) with the DMR (at every range) even when they know I’m there.

Other reasons I’ve seen for camo being OP are a little more debatable, but this one honestly has left me struggling to realize its counterbalance, which all armor abilities supposedly have.

What I hope is that this update has really made that skill gap of no aim assist vs. full auto aim a bit more in the favor of those not using camo, in order to give camo users a minor advantage (which is the idea of every AA).

I agree 100% with this.

This is also very noticeable when you try and punch a camo person. Its like trying to punch a teammate.

You need to be right on the person to hit them while they still get the melee magnetism lunge benefit.

> In Halo 4, having the ability to go camo in close-range maps is probably its least useful application.

I don’t think Camo has any “least useful application”. You could easily argue that it is an all around amazing ability, as much as I want to spit on it. At close range, you may have your confused radar to rely on, but chances are you will never see the opponent before they see you. This is because they can precisely pin point where you are because of radar. Also you may not see them straight away.

That is my biggest problem as it allows the Camo user to hit the first shot. Because of this first shot, your likely going to loose that gun battle. Unless your opponent is a complete moron, it may as well be game over. That is why I tend to avoid camo users when I see them on my radar, they will always have the upper hand.

Even with Aim assist, your very likely going to loose the battle. It needs to be removed.