One Player's Dream

We need a democracy

We need a democracy for playlists in the Halo 4 matchmaking system. Here is my idea: we have a certain number of permanent playlists on the matchmaking list that never go away/are altered. They stay there. Every first of every month, the real playlists come.

We have 10 playlists that are up for votes on the first of every month. The Top 5 playlists that get the most votes, then become added on to matchmaking for that one month. At the end of the month, the playlist that had the most games played, will continue to be a matchmaking playlist for the next month, and after the second month is over, that winning playlist will disappear. When the next month comes, the same process will occur.

What do you guys think? Just an idea, I really can’t stand the playlists in Halo 4 currently. I miss Grifball.