One place to match tourneys etc.

What if we had one place, one website like Halo waypoint where you could find teams in you’re country and continent to setup tournaments and matches.

With all these hosts of tournaments gfinity,mlg,and esl with bad web designs and so on it gets confusing to follow halo esports.
Would have been great to see Halo waypoint have an esports section up on the page besides community.
It would have an easy design of spartan companies in you’re country and continent and world. You could see where you’re team ranked in the world and country.
There would be an easy setup and schedules of weekly tourneys in 2v2, 1v1, 4v4, and maybe big team battle?
teams got points by their standings in those tournaments, and by matches won in seasons.
each month maybe the 5 best teams from each country could play in online tourneys with a prize pool.

Any comments on this?
I feel the esports scene is so cluttered and a good website like waypoint could get people from many more countries togheter competing.