one of those days

Do you ever have an off day in every sense of the word?

Firefight, you’re about to break the shield on a grunt mech and a “teammate” starts bunting you with a scorpion on purpose.

Trying to get last 12 or 13 breakout wins and getting absolutely roasted by champs game after game.

Even go into the “chill” mode super fiesta and every enemy you encounter has the perfect counter weapon to yours.

One of those days indeed…

I get more of those days than I would like to admit. I usually just hop onto a different game while I cool off. I find if I try to stick with halo on those days, I just keep getting more aggravated and everything snowballs to the point where I don’t want to play for a few days

Yeah those kind of days are always fun… not really! I usually end up walking away thinking “am I really this bad at games?”

Yep, breakout particularly was terrible today. Honestly felt like my shots were not registering.

Also, the opposition was top notch.

We probably all had those kind of days.

Those days are common as muck, especially with Halo 5.

With things as they are, I don’t play Halo as much as I did previously. Nowadays I’m either blowing other people up in World of Tanks: Mercenaries or driving around like a madman in Forza.

Yes i get there days all the time is a Pain

I had too many of those days leading up to me leaving Halo 5 behind. I feel like I miss the game, but I know I’ll just get bummed all over again. Went back to MCC, and took too many breaks away from Halo 5, so now everybody just kicks my teeth in every match.

for me its usually when im playing firefight and I am the only person on the entire team who gets shot at, to the point that the instant i die the Ai’s just stop moving and stand there and let themselves be killed. Once i spawn in they start to run towards me… from across the other side of the map

thats usually the point i just turn off the console and forget about it

at least you can finish a game. Right now H5 is a lag fest of garbage. Server disconnects, no hit registration, rubber banding, then BAM! you’re staring at a loading screen and wasted a boost. 343 needs to lay off the pizza and fix their game.

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> …343 needs to lay off the pizza and fix their game.

There are:—investigating-server-issues/d69bdede-a980-4c6b-8827-44aad3839949/posts