One of the worst experiences I've had in Halo

**(**This is just a rant… I need to let off some steam)

My least favorite Halo games for multiplayer were 4, ODST and Reach. They all seem slightly better to me now. I really want to love this game cause there are a lot of cool ideas here. But the mechanics and design of the game don’t sit well with me. Before you immediately start flaming me I’m not posting this just because I suck. I’m currently in Platinum for Slayer with 3.5 KDR and in Breakout I was close to Diamond but my friends stopped playing cause they started to hate the game and now they’re on BO3.

Starting off as a noob to Halo 5 was beyond terrible. It took me longer to get used to this game than any other Halo game I’ve played. I’d get demolished in Warzone because everyone had weapon mods and armor mods that meant my skill wasn’t the deciding factor towards kills. I’m Level 46 and I haven’t gotten the DMR yet despite having almost all the Rare permanents, although I have 2 legendary skins for it. I get skins for guns I don’t have? That’s designed on purpose to persuade you so you’ll buy their REQs cause you’ll constantly get things you don’t want. It might be one of the last Rares I get which is ridiculous seeing how it’s a Loadout weapon. I can’t even get the base guns without these stupid REQ packs? They put out the Warzone REQ to help new players get caught up on REQs so they can have an even game… that’s a lie cause I haven’t received something better than what I’ve gotten in Silver packs. I don’t care too much for custom armor or ID stuff, I’m after stuff that actually plays a roll in the game. Plus I had already knocked out the Bronze packs so my chances of getting Rares was higher on the Warzone REQs (someone recommended that to me thank you).

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of the game, I’ll constantly be in Warzones and Slayer matches were I have twice the kills my teammates have. I don’t mind having new Halo players on my team, but if they put all the new players on my team and have us go up against a team of veterans then I’m not having fun. I know this happens to other people, they put one high division on a team full of new or low ranked players and the other team with be full of decent players. One person can’t carry a team. I don’t think that’s fun for the new players or the veterans. I made a topic asking what was your worst balanced games and I saw some nasty match ups. Yet that’s the norm, rarely do I see Slayer matches that end in 50 to 45+ which are the best matches. When it’s even the game is a lot of fun! But it comes so rarely that I don’t feel like I’m progressing, I feel like I’m just at the mercy of match making.

But the mechanics also feel wrong. There’s less spread when you aim-down sights which isn’t really a Halo thing. I’m not a fan of Spartan Charging or Groundpounds. Remember when everyone hated the Sword having an extremely long dash range in the old Halo game? Well people can do that now without a sword! It won’t kill in one hit off full shields but it still does a ton of damage. Groundpound does kill in one hit and in Warzone it’s just annoying, people will gladly groundpound a single person to get a kill knowing their going to get killed by the other teammates near you. The Charging seems worse to me though. If you’re about to get into a firefight with someone who just came around a corner and you’re not close enough to melee but still within close range, lowering your weapon to Charge at the enemy should not be a viable option on the battlefield… or a FPShooter game. Maybe I’m old but I like firefights and melee to be there for up close encounters.

About Warzone, could you imagine Battlefield without team balance or drop in drop out multiplayer? No it would be terrible. Well that’s Warzone in a nut shell. When you get those bad matches ups what happens? People leave and the leavers are really hurting this game, both in Warzone and Arena. If you’re stuck in a 1v4 guess what? Too bad for you, just got to take that massive pounding to your KDR and division rank. If you leave you’re banned… that’s a whole different topic though and this has gone on long enough.

This isn’t a; I hate Halo 5 and I’m going to quit! This is a long time fan who sees some serious problems in a game. It’s obvious right? How could a Halo game that’s only been out for nearly 6 months, have such small numbers playing? Considering EU players are also stuck playing with us we should see a lot of people. Halo losing players in 6 months… on the Xbox. This was the game that practically made Xbox. Don’t say it’s just an old series… Call of Duty has been going on forever. I want to love this game because in rare moments this game is a lot of fun. The reason I need to rant about it is because ALL these issues can be fixed.