One of the only few reasons I would want H2A

The soundtrack…I loved how they re-orchestrated The Halo:CE soundtrack for Halo: Anniversary, and I would love nothing more then to hear a redone halo 2 soundtrack. The Halo 2 soundtrack to me was one of the best, if not the best, soundtrack in the whole series, with songs like Impend, Amber in Clad, Blow Me Away, Peril, and much more. What would be even better is to have all the bands who created songs for Halo 2 like Breaking Benjamin(which is finally back after the whole mess), Incubus, and even the halo 2 mjolnir mix, redo those songs for the soundtrack…though that is very unlikely, it would still be very cool to do so ha. Overall, I’m a firm believer that Halo 2: Anniversary WILL come out, but it won’t be announced until E3 2014, but I guarantee you it will happen, so just be patient, and eat your food nipple until then haha… See you guys on the Battlefield!!!