One minor change could be a BIG help!

I would LOVE to be able to set favorites in WZ when it comes to the load out weapons. Simply click the thumb stick or hit some other button while looking at all of your weapon options and the selected weapon(s) will have a star above them and appear FIRST in order of REQ point required WHEN they become available. I hate having to scroll through all the DMRs, BRs, and SMGs to get to the 2 or 3 that I use out of the whole lot. This would be something very easy to do and would help a lot more people than just me I would imagine.

Guess people only care about -Yoinking!- threads on these forums. Unless you post whining threads of flame posts no one cares.

That’s actually pretty clever. I like you way of thinking.

I posted a way to fix this a while ago.
(Read this)

Set most used first would be so simple.<<<

I only use suppressed and kinetic for most loadouts.
Sentinel scopes, and bayonets, nothing else.

I’m surprised this isn’t a thing my friends and I always stick to our favorite loadout weapons as I am sure a lot of other players do as well.

Yeah, this is a good idea. I always thought it would make things a bit easier in Warzone, rather than having to scroll to the gun you want to use.