One man jet packs

In other game you can use a jet-pack rather like the Spartans thrust but wouldn’t it be good to have a real jet-pack to jump high and or cover a lot of ground quickly.

It would be used like any pick-up boost or maybe weapon and give the user a few second of power.

The pros 'n’cons, the Pro’s would be you could just high to get to a power weapon are dare I so sniper position or save a base form being taken over but the Con’s would be while in the air you’d be easy to spot and kill especially with homing missiles.

No. Bad idea.

Except for the fact that there isn’t room for spartan abilities in Halo 5, nor are the maps designed to accommodate them.

speed boosts in warzone make this point moot

no this would make me further hate the Spartan abilities I’m only fine with the thrusters cuz it gives more defending and attacking options and I absolutely hated the jet pack before so even further no lol

jetpacks are pretty dumb when it comes to map gameplay

no more abilities! most of them died with reach like they should have, 4 has some okay ones but i am glad only one made it’s way to halo 5. halo 6 should be the same way either 1 or none.

jet-packs are what broke halo and introduced those silly return to battle zone in 10 second because players were able to access areas that weren’t possible with normal jumps or boost jumps.

No thank you.