One makes all the difference

I noticed myself missing a ton of shots lately, so I lowered my sensitivity from 8 to 7 and I became a god.

Hah, not really, but it felt like it. I kept telling myself, “I’m better than this. I can aim. So why aren’t I?!”

Anyone else ever experience anything like that?

Yea, that’s happened quite recently. I usually play on 9 no problem, but lately I’ve had to bring it down to 8, than 7. Don’t wanna go any lower than 6.Its most likely from just playing less and less(at least in my case)

Ive experimented with sensitivity and have come to the conclusion that either default or one above default works best for me. Everything else results in over-correcting and slightly off tracking of moving opponents.

i play on 7. i hate turning so slow when shot from behind.

I play on 2 so I can’t go down much. lol

I play around 4, last I checked.

Higher sensitivities don’t go well with me as I’ll be overcorrecting and wildly aiming, especially in a close shootout. Its all about where you feel comfortable.

I play on 3. I just don’t like to hit four shots, get a nervous thumb, and screw up the fifth. 3 is just fine, and I can still turn quite fast.

> I play on 2 so I can’t go down much. lol

Damn lol, I’d feel like a turtle.

Back in the Halo 2/Halo 3 days, I used to play on 10. And I was still pretty good at sniping :stuck_out_tongue:

My bro plays on 1. I couldn’t do that at all.

I dont see how ppl use such high settings…when I watch their kill cams its like watching a movie on fast forward

Doesnt even look enjoyable haha

But yeah sometimes ill feel super slow even on my regular 3 or 4 and sometimes 4 feels crazy fast xP

Kontrol Freeks are very helpful for higher sensitivities. I play on an 8 normally, but in Grifball I use a 10 sensitivity.

I dont even use the right analog stick… Get on my level srs.

Srs though, whatever sensitivity i use just becomes normal after a while, like i never changed it in the first place.

In Grifball, I play on a 10. Makes for interesting shooty games when I forget to drop back down to the 4 I normally use. I usually do okay until I realize I’m still on a 10 and suddenly I can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the rocket launcher or anything. And a BR? Lol forget it.

…I play on a 1 or 2… mostly 1

don’t judge

I play on 1

I play on 3. 4 is too fast lol

I did play on sensitivity 8, but when I nearly missed killing myself because I swung around too fast with a fuel rod, I put it to 7. Now, me and my lightrifle kick more rear than normal.

I played on 4 then went back to 3, thinking about going back to 4 cause turning is faster. Like you said, one makes a difference.

I play on 10… I don’t like being under maximum.