One Major Problem - No Aim Assist (I have mistaken!)

I know that this has been going on with so many people in the community but I do not care in the slightest. It’s a serious issue and it needs to be addressed by 343 if this game going to last for 10 years for the console and controller players. We need aim assists badly cause MnKB players are dominating the game and we are being trashed down by them that it isn’t a joke. And I know some of you are going to argue, “No, you just need to get good” or “You just need to change your settings to make it better.” That’s not enough and not valid reasons why controllers and console players shouldn’t have aim assist. I’m not saying to make it so powerful that we overwhelm the MnKB players cause that would just cause serious issues for them too. I’m just saying that it needs to be enough for controller players to be able to fight evenly the best we can and make the game fun for everyone. If anything, I would be alright with it being only in social game modes while competitive mode has zero aim assist seeing as how it can separate the two inputs for players. I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years since it came out and I love to keep on doing so and all I want is the game to be enjoyable to not just me but for everyone in the community for the next ten years of Infinite. I hope that someone at 343 sees this and brings this subject up to the devs.

Edit: I thought that was the problem but now I am seeing what could be the true problem to my gaming! My FPS is way low and despite all the recommend suggestions I’ve seen from vids, it still is low. I am not entirely sure if it could be a PC bug and it’s not fully optimized but I will have a look at it. But I have done a few little tests and see now that it is there but I believe my FPS could be the real cause of the problem with my aiming.


Controller players to have some aim assist already though.


There is aim assist on controller tho so I don’t get your point? Playing on KBM is actually janky and I prefer controller.


There is aim assist on controller it is simply drastically toned down from H4 and H5 especially
Its a good thing its been toned down, it makes you work for your kills instead of the game aiming for you

Stick with it practice on bots and you will improve


I wont continue playing until the controls are patched. Even the singleplayer wont see me as the controls will be the same there I think. Aiming controls are really not good.


the aim assist is super weak or it kicks in and out in this game. I’ll be on a target and make a small adjustment when they jump or strafe and my reticle starts helicoptering around the screen, I know its a new game and I have to get used to it but I’ve played halo for almost 20 years now, and the aim assist needs some more love or the sensitivity scale needs adjusted.


Another “Aim Assist” post… oh boy

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On the Xbox One and One S there is apparently an issue with severely low aim assist compared to PC controller and the Xbox Series X/S

I’m not sure if 343 are aware of how low the aim assist is on the One and One S (not sure if it’s for all users or just some) but it feels like Mnk levels of aim assist but for a controller

It helps to go to higher FoVs, but that just means if you prefer playing lower than 100 you’re SoL

I think it’s honestly a bug because every single halo game felt like I could actually shoot the enemy, on Xbox One aim assist for me it’s like it’s virtually non existent, Controller needs aim assist to function properly and feel good, it shouldn’t do all the work for you and shouldn’t be as strong as H4, but if youplayed with the amount of aim assist I am on controller you’d be speaking out to, I don’t believe it’s every user with a controller, but there is an issue for many of us

Everyone seems to like coming into these posts about aiming to crap on controller players…‘you got aim assist though’…‘it’s janky on MnK you don’t need help’…‘practice more’…‘go back into your settings’…

Honestly, the point is that aiming doesn’t feel right. A lot of folks can’t articulate exactly what is wrong, so they say aim assist because it’s a term they know which sounds like it should fit.

The bottom line is that aiming doesn’t feel good, not only compared to other Halo titles but to other FPS games in general. This drastically lowers the fun of the game…which is ultimately what we’re here for.

I have trouble myself pointing out specifically what feels off about it, but that doesn’t mean an issue isn’t present. Brushing off the feedback of a large portion of the player base and belittling them is pretty toxic, imo.


Then perhaps try to analyze and think outside the box rather than immediately coming to the conclusion that “the aim assist doesn’t feel right, therefore the logical conclusion is more aim assist…”

As someone who just ranked in both K&M only lobbies and Controller only lobbies as well as done extensive testing on both control methods against spartan tier bots and in the drill range (for the sake of consistency)… I can tell you without a doubt that while the aim assist isn’t quite as strong as it used to be, since you have to now correct for movement just a little bit (which isn’t really hard when it is still auto tracking), it isn’t just the aim assist alone as to why the aiming feels “bad” on controller…

Here’s a few points as to why you may feel the Aim feels off now on controller:

  1. Strafing left and right is now instantaneous vs how it was before where there was a very brief pause before you could change direction, making ADADAD (Left Right Spam) very effective at making your opponent cookie cut (having the crosshair constantly overshooting or undershooting the target). Aim Assist can still counter too heavy use of this at it’s optimal range, but overall it’s still WAY too good a tactic now thanks to the faster direction change…

  2. Weapons now have either High Recoil, High Spread (aka bloom), Shoot a projectile or heavy projectile (they are affected by gravity) or some mix of the three, meaning that some weapons, even WITH aim assist, will perform very inconsistently in different scenarios…

  3. Some weapons which relied heavily on magnetism to work seemed to have had their homing toned down a bit, which makes these weapons feel even more inconsistent, despite aim assist being present…

  4. the mobility in this game is faster than Halo 3, but slower than 5, which means the aim assist had to be toned down naturally, or else controller would be far too dominant with hitscan weapons in particular, it’s already easy as is to get perfect medals consistently with the BR in Ranked…

One more thing to note… perhaps you’re using settings which you’ve used in every Halo game until now because you got used to aiming like that (due to the busted aim assist), so maybe changing your settings up a bit can help you find a well performing middle ground… I’ve personally found that having sensitivity set to around 2 for both horizontal and vertical, as well as maxing out the look acceleration felt good enough for me… you can also rebind every button on controller which is a first.


I’m a long time halo player that has switched to pc ~ 6 years ago and barely touched a controller since. I’ve played both mouse and controller, and controller definitely feels better for halo but it did feel “off.”

The issue is the default settings. I lowered all the deadzones to 3, max input to 0 and made vert look 1.5 sense higher than horizontal. The game feels great now, so hopefully the settings changes can help others.

Idk why everyone is complaining so much about aim assist? I’m playing on series x with no adjustments made to aiming other than vert and horiz sensitivity at 6.5. Game feels fine to shoot for me. Maybe you just need to spend more time in training mode… lol

I made a thread on here to help with aiming on controller. Look up “Need help aiming in Infinite?” There is a button map and other aiming configurations there that should be of some help.

I think I use those sensitivities too. I have vertical a little lower than horizontal so i can land headshots better. deadzones need to be really low too. Idk why 343 has the default settings on what they have since they’re pretty terrible. I dont like axial settings either, felt weird so just turned it off.

Speak for yourself guy… I use controller and make it to the top of the team more often than not :wink: Keep practicing :wink:

There is a massive bug that will disable AA or cause you to have almost “double” AA (which breaks aim entirely). The only way I’ve found to avoid it is by disabling your steam controller override in infinite settings and also making sure to enter the game by pressing start on the controller and NOT pressing enter on your keyboard. There may be other things that cause it but I’ve managed to play 2 days with no AA bug and the first 3 days were absolutely miserable, AA bug every time.

In another point, I wish people would stop approaching these topics with “lol you’re bad controller is too easy”. A lot of us are very good vet players and if we say something is wrong we know something is wrong. Put aside your ego for 5 seconds and consider maybe not everyone has the exact same hardware and the game is buggy, which it is.

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Controller aim assist is literally broken, you don’t even need to aim actually lol :

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after some experimenting I’ve found that increasing the fov to 120 seems to make aim assist “stronger”, but that might just be a placebo effect of having a smaller reticule

People should record some gameplay, it would help us diagnose better.