Well, there have been times in every players life when they do or witness something so epic that they can’t help but to make some kind of remark. Maybe out loud or in your mind. Be it the standard “Boom Headshot” or something like that.

I would like to know what kind of one-liners have you guys said or though while playing, and what made you say them. =D

“Here. Hold this for me.” as I throw a sticky or launch a rocket towards someone who has been a thorn in my side.

Wort wort wort?

jk it’s usually one of these:

-holy crap
-oh snap
-oh boy
-oh wow

I grew up just kind of talking to the tv, so yeah, it just kind of happens.

Well, when I used to play with my cousin (who was much older than me) on Halo 3 and he did something epic he’d always say something like “Get Ninja’d”.

I’ve since adapted the phrase on occasion. Really depends on the heat of the match and how epic the moment is.

Whoa, many people like cake, which by the way, is a lie.

I usually go around, shouting internet memes, but when going for a Plasma Pistol overcharge + Melee combo, sometimes I say “This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!”

“Bip bap bam.” Also said “CLOSE ENOUGH” once.

Before the TU, it was “-Yoinking!- DMR!!!”

But now its more like: “-Yoink- the DMR” as I take the mini-sniper down with my Carbine :slight_smile:

Looks like i just… KILLED YOU!

When a beatdown, “SHOURYKEN”!

When hopping into a mantis, “GOLIATH ONLINE!”

On shot gun spree, “Who want some?!”

After a close encounter, “And stay down!”

By the way, “I’m gonna kill him to death” counts as one-liner?

> By the way, “I’m gonna kill him to death” counts as one-liner?

Well, people die if they are killed, so, yes.

I sometimes find myself saying, “Get some!” while I’m mowing people down with a Machine Gun Turret.

Usually my one liners are “sit down kid” or if I’m on a spree or looking for the overkill I say " FEED ME!"

“Freaking Plasma nade” D:

Usually it’s just some kind of obscenity when I die.

Usually, it’s just “Yayy…” in my most high pitched girly voice. Generally, I stop hearing people after that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really have any one liners as such since they killed proximity voice, but one time a buddy of mine shouted “4 shot on my X”. I could do nothing for laughing after that.

Back in the day, if someone complained about being t-bagged I would say “don’t talk with your mouth full!”.

“WHY DO I PLAY THIS GAME?” Which I happen to say a lot since apparently throwing 3 plasma grenades then giving up is the go-to strat for halo 4.


-Take a seat.
-Wow, yer’ bad.
-Get on my level.
-Get domed.