One Legitimate Concern

I would like to first start by saying that I was completely wrong about this game. It is fantastic and yet we still haven’t hit its peak in terms of forge-made maps and new playlists. It’s an all-around excellent game and I’m glad that 343i proved me wrong.

However, I feel one flaw still remains: Active Camo. I have been killed by countless enemies that sprint away from a fight, hide in a corner, turn on AC, and proceed to kill me when I either chase or flank them. I feel something needs to be done about this because it’s essentially a get out of jail free card for the user and that shouldn’t be the case. I’m not saying to completely remove it, but tone it down a good amount or remove it if absolutely necessary. It’s the only OP AA at the moment though, which really excites me.

Anyways, as a competitive player, I tried to carry this concern respectfully. Pleas hear me out.

Active camo + AA efficiency makes facepalm.

Camo seems like the only usefull AA, simply because it is so abuseable. I think it would fit much nicer as a personal ordinance.

The sheer volume I can reach when sniped by a camping camo spartan ! lol

You can counter AC with PV. They will show up as green instead of red, but what you can do is if the run away and hide. Scan the direction they went in or the direction from where all the blue dots are on your radar. Then act accordingly. They have to crouch and not move in order to be fully invisible. So if you toss and nade and jump out at them you’ll have the advantage as they have to come out of the crouch animation.