One last point about the Monetization system

Honestly, I’m kind of sick of doing these, this community is starting to be worse than the CoD community, at least in CoD I can get called a slur without having to write a 50 sentence long essay. But I’m a masochist so,

                                                                           Lettuce Begin.

The monetization of multiplayer is necessary to the lifespan of Halo Infinite. Perhaps in previous games it wasn’t so, but in previous games, the game was not being launched free on game pass and free to play for multiplayer. The lack of armor customization is frustrating indeed, but you forget the market we are in. Customization in things like Fortnite or Apex or other Free to Play games have expensive cosmetics. The Zvesda set is 20$ right? Its a whole armor set with a coating and i think a weapon emblem ( I cant quite remember) however that is more than other games would give you. In Fortnite 20$ lands you a skin with its pick, backbling, and maybe glider. The skin cant be interchanged with others. However in Apex, 20$ will land you a legendary Legend skin. What does customization mean in these two games? Status, that is all. Perhaps the problem isn’t solely on the system but on our expectations. Customization is no longer about expression in the modern-day market, its about status. Is it a problem? Yea it -Yoink!- sucks. Do we need to boycott 343i and send them death notes or some moa--Yoink!- like that? Absolutely not.