One last Legendary run? (reach)

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone wanted to run through the legendary reach campaign with me?
With Halo 4 coming out very soon I wanted to finish reach on its highest difficulty, but it seems a bit too difficult on solo.

Dont get me wrong, I finished halo3 and ODST on legendary alone, but this one just poses a challenge thats beyond my “reach” ← Fail pun failed :confused:

If you havn’t beat the legendary co-op campaign…
If you want to try to overcome this challenge…
Or if your simply bored & want to help a guy out and possibly make a friend in the meantime…

Hit me up or post below :slight_smile:

Ign is : XxFlareSnipexX
(Dont let the ridiculously stupid gamertag throw you off… It’s my original tag made 4 years ago. No clue why I havnt changed it yet >.<)

Yeah i’ll help my gamertag is BEEF7347 i will send you a message when im on tommorrow

If you’re not doing it yet I would be in.