One-game weapons/vehicles to want back

I’m sure there are several threads about this already but since there is a more or less established arsenal we pretty much know we’re going to get. That being said what are the weapons and/or vehicles that have been featured so far in only one Halo FPS title pre-Halo 4 that you’d love to see return?

Personally I’d love the Revenant and the Chopper to make a return: If there is one thing I like is ramming, and the Chopper was the vehicle made for that, besides there is the cool factor when riding this ‘one’-wheeled bike-like vehicle. As for the Revenant, aside from the aesthetics I felt it brought an interesting counterbalance to the hog, whereas the Spectre pretty much was a hog.

As for the weapons I honestly did like the Needle Rifle, there was just a satisfying feeling about it. And. I also loved the Plasma Launcher, again both design and functionality made it a very interesting and fun weapon for me.

As a sidenote I would like a continuous beam weapon to show up in H5, whether it’s an existing weapon or a new one, well that’s another thing.

I kinda prefer the carbine to the needle rifle, partially because its visuals and audio create more of an impression of pinpoint accuracy, and partially because compared to it the needle rifle almost looks like a weapon based off of bad fanart. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like the storm rifle to return but in a slightly stubbier model that’s more distinct from the Carbine. I always had an issue with how passive the plasma rifle looks. it just doesn’t communicate to me the aggressiveness of the Elites, and it always felt too small in comparison to the assault rifle, which is supposed to be its counterpart.

Mechanics-wise it would be cool if it had the stun effect of the CE plasma rifle, and audio-wise it could do with sounding a little more deadly. I just love the visual style of it (looks very much like an organic carapace-type thing) and actually find it really fun to use, maybe my favorite automatic in Halo 4.