One Blood- Halo Reach Machinima

I haven’t done a video in a long time so I decided to make on over the week.



Quality great
Cature card quality 8
Timining 9

I thought It was good.

Also if you do machinima please petition at this post!

Hey thanks man I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I’ll take a look at that post!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW This is the best machinima I have see in A loooooooooooooooong time it is sooo rare to see one this good these days people just don’t how to make the anymore … sigh :frowning: good job though :smiley: and if you like WTF!! why ain’t I gettin more replys don’t worry people probably just can’t be -Yoinked!- to wright a comment but they probably still like it tough. :slight_smile:

That was nifty. Well done.

nice! good effects and quality

Wow, that was really nice.