Once again, update voids mission progress

I was in progress of doing the last Halo 2 mission on legendary to finish all the campaigns off but, got stuck on the boss fight so I figured I’d call it a night and pick it back up after work the next day. Get on today and have to download the new update…Great I think, now all my work last night will be gone. Surprisingly not though and my save was still there. Takes me 10 minutes but, I beat Tartarus finally and wait for all the achievements to pop. They don’t, which I wasn’t surprised by because earlier the night before it took 10+ minutes for the Halo CE Legendary ones to pop. Over an hour goes by and still nothing. So I check the in game trackers and it shows I still have one more to beat even though The Great Journey is shown as beat on Legendary. No I had no negative scoring skulls on. The countless updates have deleted mission progress many times for me and it’s getting out of control. I’ve basically all but, given up on doing the LASO runs for any of the Halo games because of this. Lost my Halo CE LASO progress 3 times already. Great job 343i. You dropped the ball again. You should put in your patch notes for players to not even bother with LASO till you release all the updates/fixes or actually figure out why your supposed “updates” are doing this is the first place.