Once again, Bungie screws up the game this season

Just when I think Bungie / Microsoft, or whoever makes the game, can’t screw it up any worse, they do it. In past seasons, they took out rockets and the high capacity drum fed fast firing machine gun, reduced sniper rifle ammo capacity, then they messed up the league ranking system, and now… NOW, they go and remove normal FFA play altogether?

I just can’t even get a normal FFA game now, It is only these world cup champion - whatever maps, with pistols only, and unlimited kills, you have to play the full 12 minutes.

I did my entire 10 game qualifying run, and several games since them, on only two maps. TWO!!!

What is the matter here, Bungie / Microsoft? Why do you insist on making this game worse and worse? Why can’t you just leave things alone?

Put it back the way it was a year ago!!!

Bungie don’t have anything to do with Halo and haven’t for a number of years now. There is a feedback thread here if you have any constructive comments to add: