On your first CEA Playthrough, what difficulty will YOU select?

I suppose “first” isn’t exactly right since most people would have played the original 10 years ago. But oh well.

Legendary will be the one for me, I’m starting to get comfy with it on other Halo Games. Except Halo 2, where I did not get to play it at all. I’d relish the M6D, the Shotgun, the Plasma Pistol as the 3 Kings. Oh, and maybe the Needler for use on Elites.

Heroic, and then after that legendary. I’ve never played Halo CE so I want to play through it once on heroic to get a feel for the missions and then challenge myself with legendary.

First Normal and then Legendary for my 2nd playthrough

I like to go through once on each difficulty with most games to both prepare myself for the hardest difficulty and also too simply get the most playtime and enjoyment out of the game :slight_smile:

I have done the first run through on Legendary since Halo 3 ODST. I will continue like that for future games. CEA will be easy as I have already completed it on Legendary multiple times.

I will do the whole thing for the first time on Normal, then Heroic. Afterwards, I will rely on my friends to get me through Legendary via co op. I’m not as good on Legendary as I am on the others.

Normal - Heroic - Legendary - Legendary Co-Op.


Heroic Co-op first I hope. That is if my friend and I can get it together. If not probably Heroic solo as well, I like my first run through of games to not be too challenging, that way I can focus more on story and atmosphere, rather than how to kill everything before moving on.


legendary. i don’t like playing CE on anything but.

Probably Legendary Solo.


> First Normal and then Legendary for my 2nd playthrough


Heroic. I remember CE being quite the pain in the -Yoink-, and I have no interest in making myself suffer on my first playthrough of the beautiful recreation of ONE OF the greatest games of all time.

Legendary, since I have beaten the game on this difficulty on my PC so many damn times

Probably Heroic 1st. Then Legendary. I plan on playing with 2 of my friends (seperate times).

I always played it on Normal (original), CE and H2 were the only games I’ve never beaten on Legendary. H2 is just too insane…

Heroic with a friend is perfect. Normal if you’re going solo.

Legendary first then Heroic to find the terminals and skulls.
Unless i find some during Legendary.

Normal so I can a feel for it again.

my friend and i are doing it on normal first, as we would like to find all the easter eggs without danger following us.

then we will do it on legendary.

If any acheivments require me to play on Legnedary, I will. I am determined to gain all acheivments for I have never done so.My first play through was on Legendary.

> First Normal and then Legendary for my 2nd playthrough

Me too, that first run will be the easter egg search playthrough, on my third, I will play for nostalgic purposes.