On to 2016..

I know its only been a few months since the launch of halo 5…but I would like to see what you guys are expecting from halo in 2016 and beyond…

For starters we do know we are getting Halo Wars 2 come fall 2016, but I really hope there is some sort of locke spinoff game announced that goes back to his days as an agent hunting down the arbiter and would also include firefight. I see this as extremely unlikely but here’s hoping.

And of course there is the post launch support for halo 5. Hoping for more gamemodes soon and given the words from Bonnie Ross during the VGAs we should be expecting big news soon.

What are you guys expecting from this year and the future?

I’m expecting more ridiculous mongoose skins, including one that’s made of yarn.

I’m expecting a lot from 343 this year, let’s see if they can deliver.

im hoping for a rock for the whole platoon

I’m hoping for a Halo 5 PVE co-op mode expansion with our custom Spartans. Better yet bots in custom games without any gold xbl restrictions. My dream Halo game has yet to come to fruition, still counting on it though.