If you ask me the spartans in halo 4 seemed to lightweight and new, the spartans in halo 5 don’t look to different. Still shine still lightweight. The armour on these spartans just seems to colourful and bright to me, I would like a more heavy and scarred armour. Think the armour from halo 3 combined with the rust of reach. I also want a more variety of armour (which so far seems the case), or with more modifications like in reach.

What do you think, what changes do you want concerning the armour in halo 5, if any at all.

Keep in mind the Spartan IVs are still new. They should have a bit more grime to it, but not like Reach.

Tbh, I see the Halo 5: Guardians Spartan-IV as more gritty, bulky and spartan-esque… rather than Halo 4 that is. In terms of colouring… hmm hopefully we get three pallets, primary, secondary and tertiarty (underarmor).