On the count of machinama

How will people make machinama if there are no elites in muiltiplayer? I mean not ALL use elites but alot of them with the human-covanant war use them, and will there be the Mark V and IV for Red Vs Blue? I know you want to do the UNSC infinity thing, but try not to hurt machinama because of it
what do you think?

Could the lack of Elites hurt Machinma? Potentially yes.

However, Machinimators are very flexible and use to finding solutions to unique problems. Hell that’s really what making machinima is about.

I would also point out that GI said no Elites in Competitive multiplayer. So who knows? They could be an option for customs. I’m probably wrong, but there’s that.

I just hope that there is elites in at least non-ranked coustom games

If invasion is in 4, it’s a social gametype?

Gonna be tough eh

It was only stated that there will be no elites in competitive multiplayer, never said a -Yoink!- thing about custom games. Also in terms of red vs blue I’m positive they can either adapt or continue to use reach in the way that season 9 used halo 3