On Specializations: Requesting Staff Response

To whom it may concern,

I believe that I may speak on behalf of many people when I say that it is unfair to withhold the other 6 specializations in halo 4 from people who have not received the code to unlock them all, myself included. It is unfair because it debilitates players from fully enjoying the multiplayer experience of earning points and ranking up for their hard work and playing skills. Being stuck at SR70 removes the exciting thrill of leveling up and unlocking new things in the game. There is no longer a reward for your play, and thus no incentive to continue playing the game. The situation is even worse for the players overseas who cannot obtain the specializations, and I have no idea what kind of regulations Microsoft installed to bar those players from fully enjoying the multiplayer experience.

As such, I have a question: will the specializations be released to everyone on xbox live at a later date, or are they only for people who could afford to buy the limited edition or play the game right away? Whichever staff member reads this, please be open and honest in your answer, because I would expect nothing less from an industry that made this amazing game.


Well said sir, it is very unprofessional to not respond to the players who are clearly stuck at lvl 70

I have them all, but I’d like to know why they don’t let everyone who buys the game enjoy them.