On par to be 3rd fastest company to get achilles

Game Tactrix has a few open spots!

One of the members or our group today showed us that we are one of the fastest progressing companies. We were one of the first companies to get full after the announcement of Achilles and since then some members have left. There are 9 seats currently open that we want to fill. We only have one requirement as we’re going for these Achilles commendations and that is that you play as often as you can.

Ideally we look for people who have played a lot of Halo in the past (ranks 80+) because that means they will probably be playing a lot in the future. But if you can prove to us that you have been playing like 10+ hours a week we would love to consider you.

Our company is special. There are members posting updated charts on our commendation progress. There are members making spreadsheets showing your individual hours logged and games played in the last week. There are members creating social media places to communicate. There are members creating videos. And all of us are friending each other and providing teammates when we play and having lots of fun.

If you fit this description, we’d love to hear from you for these last spots.

You can request to join here: Game Tactrix