On Oceanic Spartans, Halo 5, Vehicles, AA's

Ok so I’ like to throw a few things out there to you all, let me know how you feel about my ideas, any feedback or ideas of your own please share.

OCCEANIC SPARTANS - Ok so, we have Spartans now optomized for sea based combat, maybe in the future, we might be able to fully explore this? Possibly with missions taking place underwater? And also, what is it with spartans suddenly dying when they’re in 5ft of water…This needs to be changed, Halo has always had its share of water on maps, yet it’s mostly unuseable, in the same way in Halo reach we had anti-gravity areas, perhaps in the future, we’ll have submerged areas? With slower movements, different effects on weapons etc

Also, perhaps even a sea-based vehicle? I think it’d be incredible to have a Jetski type vehicle, capable of carrying two players, like the mongoose, zipping up and down narrow rivers across the map laying down fire to anyone close to its banks, hell, even a warthog equivalent in a armoured speed boat form.

HUMAN AIR VEHICLES - Not enough choice, I think alot of players are dying to have a real dog fight in the air, banshee vs banshee is just getting boring now, perhaps more air vehicles with variations on its weapons, it’d provide the game with more choice, more booms and more fun.

MOVEMENT - How many times have you been killed frantically tapping A to hop over an object, only to have your legs held up and bounce back into the position you were trying to escape from, ALOT more work needs to go into the animations for spartan movement, Spartans should hop/slide/leap over obstacles like someone would slide over a car bonnet, fluidly, and with style.

VEHICLE SKINS - I think it’s just as important, from an Role playing perspective, to cater for those whom enjoy roleplaying as not only snipers, airsupport or whatever, but as drivers also, i think a few warthog skins wouldn’t go a miss, especially if these vehicles, could be dropped off like ordanace, imagine a big team battle, the other team desperately trying to shoot down your teams pelican as it drops off a vehicle, it’s create alot more action in the game

DESTRUCTIBLE SCENERY - Trees, rocks, walls, i think certain objects should be able to be destroyed, to remove all opportunity for campers to spend an entire game hid behind a rock, it would also add slightly more of a tactile feel to the game i think.

HEIGHT AND WEIGHT - I think alot of people would enjoy this, even if it was just a matter of a few feet, it might make their spartans feel far like their own creation, rather than just some stock body type we’re borrowing to play wit (eventhough that is the case)

VOICE - I liked this addition in Halo reach, I’d love to see it return

ARMOUR ABILITIES - What about an AA which specializes in the destruction of enemy vehicles? Quicker speed and increased shielding in order to close the gap on enemy vehicles? Promethian teleportation? What if holograms, were to be changed from one hologram to two? What about being able to for a small amount of time, appear as one of the enemies team, to get behind enemy lines so to speak. Obviously this last one might make players feel too paranoid…

I’ve a ton of ideas but I would like to discuss it all with you guys, so please lemme know what you think, cheers