On Assassinations (title was apparently unclear due to repeating letters)

Since assassinations are a bit of a hot topic, I’ll throw in my two cents.

First off, glad that 343i is supposedly working on them. Love assassinations. Very sad they aren’t at least in campaign.

Now, originally assassinations were a way of dunking on your foe at the expense of putting yourself at risk. 343i is supposedly coming up with a way to add them back in while making them strategically sound.

I have a few ideas that I hope will expedite the process.

  1. Increase the victim’s respawn timer. This makes them increase advantage time while being a pretty fair trade of risk vs reward.
  2. Replenish the assassin’s shields at the end. This forces any attacker to be careful, as if they don’t secure the kill, they will be partway through a magazine vs a foe with full shields who has obtained their location during the cinematic.
  3. Allow the assassination to affect nearby foes. This could come in the form of, say, the shield pop EMPing nearby enemies, or their body thrown with an attached Plasma Grenade exploding and injuring their friends, mark all nearby enemies or highlight them through walls for friendlies, etc.
  4. Allow the assassin to carry the body and use it as a 1 ton thrown weapon, killing anything in its path.
  5. Reduce the disadvantage of the assassin by making it unclear who is assassinating whom via removing outlines in the process.
  6. My personal favorite: tie assassinations to gametype rather than to player choice. Assassinations can be turned on/off, as can backsmacks. Add “killer/killee” effects, such as modifiable punishments (or consolation boons) for getting assassinated, and modifiable rewards (or -Yoink!- penalties) for assassinating. These could include anything from modifying stats to taking away points. It could also be used to prevent revives in elimination style matches. And, this could be extended to medal-based modifiers: if you get a certain medal in the gametype, it can modify the stats of the player who earned it and the player who gave it to them, or all other players.

Those are just my thoughts. I want assassinations to return so badly. What are your thoughts?

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Maybe 343i should take a page out of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and make assassinations only happen on particularly notable attacks. It’s a one life mode and you’ve just melee’d the last guy for the kill. Then it’s a fancy finish! But I can see how lag or people joining or edge cases would mess with this.

So how about something closer to what Gears of War might do. Right now assassinations have very little function and very little affect on other things. You get an assassination and an animation plays and it ends up being the same as if you both stood still, did a 360, and then back-smacked someone. How about if each weapon had a unique assassination animation? Like if you assassinate someone while holding a BR then you used a BR as a melee+shoot finisher? Or swung the whole rifle over their head? I could see 343i doing this because they could drag it out for more monetization.

What if we squish all assassinations together? Make a “normal” assassination no longer look like a regular melee to the back and instead a unique striking animation. A slightly different melee animation that feels extra strong. Like a really cool looking first-person AR melee attack or a unique Sidekick melee. Or just a sudden kick- that would really stand out! I think I like this idea the most.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like them except for surprising players. Halo 5’s animations felt at odds with the rest of the game and some of them literally make me sad when I see them because they remind me of the brutality and cruelty of war. I think they were literally the most violent part of the multiplayer. I can live with that and I’m not at all surprised some people whine when I decry violence, but that doesn’t mean I want to support it. These animations added a level of detail that was otherwise absent from the multiplayer. That can be such a good thing! But it ought to be done with an awareness of the pros and cons that that brings.

343 could suck more money out of us by making us pay for animations! im suprised they werent at launch

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Honestly I am glad they aren’t in. I hate getting trapped in a stupid animation when I’m trying to just assassinate someone and steal their flag. I get a lot of people love them, but they put you at a huge disadvantage.

Assassinations are cool, but in Reach specifically they were annoying cause you couldn’t do just a good old backsmack. I forget what game they gave us a switch in, but I immediately turned it off. It’s just not good in a competitive sense. That being said I’d like it to remain that way. It should never have a significant impact on the state of the game like you’re suggesting. Either give us a switch or turn it on in casual modes only. That’s how I feel about it and honestly I’m not upset they didn’t include them at launch. Really low on the list of priorities imo.

I think they should bring it back like it was in Halo 5. There were alot of cool ones to unlock in that game (which will probably cost money on the store in this game). Also that was the game where you could turn them off. I dont think they should do anything crazy like youre suggesting just keep it as a way to taunt your opponents but nothing more

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Well, I don’t know if that is an option, as they claim the reason they removed them is so they could serve some tactical purpose. But I’m personally fine with that as well.

I think the assassination should be only possible when you are crouched, it bring a little more difficulties to assassinate and it avoid player to confuse with a simple punch