OMGGGGGGGGGGGG server down again :s wtf

This is not the first microsoft game cant you guys set up a server right of what?
you buy a game and cant freaking play it cause the guys that make gameservers don’t know how they work???
had to work today went home and just wanted to play some games and it not ever possible :s wtf microsoft???

No idea what you’re talking about. I’m playing games right now.
I’ve had no problems today at all.

its says like halo 4 server not available, same like yesterday for half the game, i live in europe though maybe thats why but still wtf how is this even possible didn’t they prepare to launch or what :s

Try to restart the game.

game is day*
suddenly it work again :s i don’t know what it is but its really annoying :frowning:

thanks for the tip but restarting didn’t help, switched of the xbox tried another profile and nothing worked but is working again, i hope is stays this way :smiley:

You must be very young if you don’t know how the first week or even month can be for popular Multiplayer games. But i’ll inform you:

Generally the first week/month the game is released there are millions of players and hundreds of millions of matches. Servers are not created for one game, and in fact most Xbox Live servers are pooled. There are many server farms that Xbox Live has set up, all running different games and different Xbox Live services.

Imagine that you have a influx of requests coming into the servers dedicated for Halo 4. Fine tuning and troubleshooting of these servers take time, or even if more servers need to be requested because of the mass of requests.

So in short, initial launch can never be without server side issues. It’s expected, especially with all the new services that Halo 4 is running like a dedicated party system, friends list, commendations, Spartan Op’s, Campaign, Multiplayer, etc.

One may be able to forsee the amount of servers that they will need for the game, but predictions are never accurate and every technical issue is different. Give the team at Microsoft and 343 time to iron out these bugs.

yea i know there can be issues but yesterday i could play like 5 games over the whole day, couldn’t play campaign with friends, even at the time i could play MP i culdn’t join friends, and even you know that things like that happen and from a company like microsoft i expect they would be prepared for a big launch as this, and even when it happens send a in game message whats going on al it said was, halo 4 server is unavailable at this time, and i mean to remember halo 2 had its own server on xbl and they took that one down to play reach on it, it not that im totally freaking out right now but i worked all day and i just wanted to play some MP, came home and the server didn’t work :S and yesterday the same thing happend, bought the game went home and only could play solo campaign :frowning: