OMG…. This game is amazing!

I’m almost a thousand matches of MP in and I still can’t get enough. It’s so crisp, sound is amazing and no matter what else my friends wanna play (which I do) I always come back to Infinite and smile. If you guys having cranked up the game volume do yourself a favor. Jumping, sniping, punching, laughing at myself getting killed…. I’m always smiling when I play Halo. Even when I get stomped I’m still having fun. :).

By far the best version of Halo and I’m an OG guy. To think this is just getting going??? Oh baby.

Thanks 343! Much love for making the Halo I’ve always wanted. Kudos.


Gr8 b8 m8. I r8 this 8.8/8


Waypoint users let someone else be happy challenge (impossible)


Prepare for a lot of hate. I enjoy the game too but I also allow myself to play other things. An important aspect some of these people miss.


Desync is crisp? Damn guess I’m playing the wrong Halo Infinite

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Good to know I am not the only one having fun with this.


oooo… a positive thread, finally :rofl: :joy: Am I on the right forum? :innocent: Iv’e been loving it, sure there are problems, but they getting fixed in time, the fact 343 listening is a good thing, looking forward to forge and what it will do to boost things.


In seven months of “time”. What has been fixed tho?
I’ll wait…
Go on…
Tell me…

I can agree that the game play/mechanics are solid and the weapons do sound good. But the downfall for me is the lack luster maps and abysmal progression system. Infinite has a lot of potential but until it is on par with MCC I am sticking with it. MCC has the better maps, I can be specific with match making in the match composer and I can progress in pretty much any playlist I want.

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I can resonate with your feelings actually.
I’m not blind to all the issues this game has. No doubt. I could tell a story of all the things I disliked.
But… I admit that playing Halo makes me happy, and Infinite is no exception. Even in its current state, with all the desync and lack of base content.
Now that I think about it, I’ve played a lot of Halo 5 in the past thanks to forge and custom games. I imagine a better future once we’ll get all these tools.
Overall, I wish the best for the game. We’re worried about the game because we care about the game, so let’s keep sending feedback to make Halo Infinite a funnier place to play.


I may be having a bad time myself, but y’know what.

I’m happy for you dude, glad to hear you’re having fun with the game.

Hello There,

Glad to see you are really enjoying the game. If there anything else other than the sound design/ quality and general gameplay that you really enjoy? Is there anything from the previous games or lore that you want to see introduced into Infinite or expand upon that is already in the game?

I personally like the detail on the armour cores & pieces. Hat’s off to those who worked hard on giving us such nice looking Spartans.

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Would be nice to get dynamic weather rain/snow which was said about ages ago, and also a decent night time.

mp maps could be expanded to have different times of day which would be cool

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