OMG, the Flood is actually a real thing.

Hello community, SHADOWSTRIKE1 here to share with you some cool (and kinda scary) info.

For the duration of this post, refer to this image-

Here is the article printed about it:

> “This image may look like something dreamed up for a surreal horror movie, but it’s a real horror for the tarantula in question. This unfortunate arachnid is infected with Cordyceps, a parasitic fungus that replaces its host’s tissue with its own.
> Cordyceps fungi invades its hosts (mainly arthropods), and its mycelium eventually replaces the host’s tissue. Once the arthropod is dead, cylindrical or branching growths emerge from the creature’s dead body. Some species also have mind-control capabilities, convincing the host to travel to a place where the fungus will find optimal growth conditions before the host dies.”

So we’re talking about a fungus that infects a host, changes it’s flesh, makes it grow extra limbs, and eventually mind controls the host… Yeah, sounds like some real life Flood to me!

this also happens to some ants, they become zombie like and walk up trees and stuff until the fungis dies

Wow! This must be how the Flood starts. Kill it before it kills us!

when in doubt, Blame bsangel.


When I first saw this thread I thought you’d be talking about this:

Oh God, the 50’s Sci-Fi movies were right. RUN BEFORE THEY TURN INTO GODZILLA SIZED MONSTERS!!!

Nobody tell this guy about the arthropod that eats the tongues of fish and replaces it while riding around in the fish’s mouth.

Mother Nature: Making brown in shorts since forever.

I already knew about this, but people like to make threads about it because most people don’t know.
I made a thread about Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis and how it forces ants to do their will a while back, but it’s been lost to the sands of time.
Either way, all it takes is for the Fungus to evolve into interacting with Humans, and then we’re all frakked.
This is a list of the different species of Ophiocordyceps, quite a bit of them actually, don’t know what they each infect, though.

Here’s some more flood-y species:
Clickity Click

That is pretty scary.

Do you guys have a zombie plan?

Yep, there are lot of parasites in the nature that turn the host into a zombie. Maybe even grow some extra appendages or at least extensions to them. A timelapse of a fungus growing out of the head of an ant definitely bears some resemblance to Flood transformation from Halo.

The thing

ach. Spiders.

> Do you guys have a zombie plan?

Sure I do! Use Girf’s delicious meat as bait while i run away from the zombies.

> > Do you guys have a zombie plan?
> Sure I do! Use Girf’s delicious meat as bait while i run away from the zombies.

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Don’t be a victim.
  3. Aim for the head.
  4. Flamethrowers are better.
  5. Don’t be the slowest.
  6. BBQ everything before eating.
  7. Always use the “penthouse” to sleep or relieve one’s self.
  8. Save the last bullet.


Well, this thing better not grow to the level where it can take on people.

It just looks like the outcome of a tarantula and a crab mating. Hopefully this didn’t actually scare you or you might have some serious issues.