OMG thank you 343 for this week's weekly challenges

I’ve added my weekly challenges at the bottom so people can compare.

These are so much better than last week’s. I see myself achieving these mostly through normal gameplay. I might have to look up what a Mangler is - not sure I’ve used that yet (one of the Banished bladed weapons I think).

I will stop being so negative on here and try and be more positive :slight_smile:

With the capstone challenge reward being one of the few customisation things people can earn for free I think it was important it was achievable and fun, not a grind - these new challenges do that.

Thank you again.

Complete Fiesta Matches x2
Capture a Zone x1
Win Fiesta Matches x1
Kill an Enemy Spartan with the Mangler x1
Earn Double Kills in Fiesta x1
Complete a Big Team Battle Match x1
Kill Enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle x5
Complete a Stockpile Match x1

Win Quick Play Matches x3
Complete any PvP Matches x4
Kill Enemy Spartans with a Melee Attack in PvP x10
Complete Fiesta PvP Matches x4
Stop an Enemy Killing Spree in Fiesta PvP x1
Win Fiesta PvP Matches x2
Kill Enemy Spartans in PvP x20
Kill Enemy Spartans with the Mangler in PvP x3

Kill Enemy Spartans in PvP x50
Kill Enemy Spartans with a Headshot in PvP x10
Win Any PvP Matches x3
Earn Double Kills in Fiesta PvP x5


Mangler is the banished pistol. Its like a mauler. tbh I thought this post was gonna be sarcasm from the title. I may be lucky but my challenges were also better although ones that require using 1 specific gun should be replaced with using a class of gun imo


I posted in another thread - but I got reasonable challenges as well. I hope they announce they’ve removed ridiculous ones like getting kills with the banshee bomb (it’s the worse, weakest incarnation of it yet)


Will reply back when I see what mine are. We should all do the same and see who’s got it the worst. Lol