OMG Is There something wrong?

I just logged on to Live to play reach and all my stuff is gone…
All my armor, campaign time…like I never played. My rank is the same… What happened?

Garden Gnomes, -Yoink!- crafty -Yoinks!- strike again

I was hoping for a legit answer as to why I would be reset.

Good news: you haven’t be credit-reset.

Bad news: it’s a weird bug that happens sometimes. You’ll have to unlock all of the campaign missions again. Again, gnomes…

Have you played online before or is the first time you’ve connected to XBL?

(And yes, those gnomes can be mighty crafty!)

Yes this has happened to a few of my friends too, some more than once.
It is a glitch that reach has, it is usually caused by dashboarding from inside the matchmaking lobbies or even whilst in a game.
Always always return to the very main title screen then dashboard I always do that and this has never happened to me. The only other thing that you could check is your HDD to see if you have any corrupt screenshots or films etc. If you do, delete it (just the file save not your gamesave data).

I can pretty much safley say though that I bet this is down to you dashboarding from the lobbies or in a game or forge etc. Hope this helps.