omg acheivement not working ima die

I was going for a monument to all my sins and i did all the campains ON LEGENDARY ALONE. It didnt give me the acheivement and i swaer if i dont get it im gonna die! there was a problem with the package…i went all the way up the rally point bravo,but banshee problems made me restart from rally point bravo,do i have to do the mission on the same save? did it mess it up because i resarted at a rally point???


What is so complicated about making sure you beat all of the missions on legendary?
If you skipped a rally point then yes go back and do it again.

In all honesty I had a lot of fun getting that achievement, took a couple days, got frustrated a lot, and died a lot… but holy -Yoink- did it feel good when I finished.

it just a game dude, relax. anyway just go back and make sure you beat all of them on legendary. stupid response yeah but still. just go play the package through one more time.

Stupid question but you’ve done Noble Actual AND Lone Wolf on Legendary too, right?

My guess: If you start a mission from a later rally point, the game won’t register that you went from the first half even when you did.

So, you need to do the whole mission from start to finish without restarting from rally points. Checkpoints are ok though, that’s what they are there for.

DMR + Plasma Pistol are your two best friends.