Oldschool Halo CE challenge

Yep your hearing it from me here and now. I present a challenge to the waypoint community. It involves some work to complete. For the first 7 that post there work will be awarded with a retro old school XBL Keychain! ok what is that I challenge you with is very simple if you own a copy of CE. I want to see a video capture replicating the video provided. Name the level and how to achieve the same situation. Hints are need to be splitscreen coop play, a banshee level.
Good luck and thanks to who do participate.
Here is the Video http://youtu.be/iCp9DsQThx8

For trust Here is some background on myself also http://www.oxmonline.com/article/xbox-soapbox/xbox-nerd-corps-jason-mishler

I don’t have a way to record it ):

> I don’t have a way to record it ):

Well thats a bummer :frowning:
You will be the only one to even post a reply I assume. Guess people don’t like the Crazy person and just ignore him. Just another form of discrimanation is all, already adapted to that. Game on.