Older Players?

I don’t have a circle of friends who play Halo 5, at least not competitively. By competitive I don’t necessarily mean tournaments and what not, just slayer game types etc. I wouldn’t mind participating in tournaments if the opportunity presented itself but ultimately I’d be happy with a group of people to play team slayer with. Preferably with older players in which winning or losing is not a life or death situation (though I’d prefer to win). I’m 33 and looking for folks around that age to play but frankly as long as you’re someone who remembers this is a game and is mean to be fun you’re cool with me.I’m not the best, not even close but I’m not terrible either. I’m always looking into ways to improve, watching YouTube videos, twitch streams, etc. as well as trying to understand what I could have done better in winning (and losing) matches. I’m just someone who likes to put 100% into anything I enjoy and I very much enjoy Halo 5 competitive multiplayer. I play at least a few hours every day, longer on weekends.I’ll likely not be around until after the new year but I’d love to kick off the new year with a group to play with on at least a semi regular basis.- jasenmp

What timezone?


You sound like a soul mate. I just made a company to collect my freinds and chill players, they haven’t all joined yet… but there are no requirements and we like to play competitive arena or full party warzone. Custom game nights are set up on Reach but not 5 yet. I’ll send an invite, check out the company here: Fire when Ready

You will also get a free req pack for joining an active company, it’s just a bronze though.

EST plays along your schedule