Older Players Playlist

I got a nice idea about how to avoid all those childrens new to the game ruining the team play with their stupid acts.

What about making a Playlist that can be entered only if you are +16 (it’s an example) checked through xbox profile?
I know there would be anyway idiots cheating their age, but at least there would be more older players than those little annoying idiots.

I would like to know your opinions.

As far as I know, if an account is allowed to play Halo on Xbox Live anyway, they’d by pass that check.

So it would actually be pointless. Just go into match making with a party.

Because you can’t just change your age, right?

lol. thats kinda contradicting.

you have to be 17 to buy the game but theres playlists where you have to over 16.

What about the children that aren’t new to the game?

I was in a game with a thirtysomething guy, he spent the entire time whining and went massively negative because he kept going out over the main man-cannon on Valhalla and getting DMR’d before he even landed. It was kinda sad. Age is no guarantee of intelligent behaviour.

So none of you would like to play games where at least you know most players aren’t -Yoinks!-, assuming with the age they know how to play a game without disturbing other players?

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from my short time on this Earth it’s that stupidity doesn’t decrease with age, and in many cases adults still have the capacity to preform irrational actions, both in games and real life.

An age restriction would change nothing.

Or, or, or…

They can add 1-50.

I have never met a 10 year old kid 50 high in Team Slayer. Maybe in Swat here or there, or LW a few times.

16+ doesn’t mean you are mature, or aren’t a squeaker.

As you prefer, anyway it was just an idea. And with such playlist we could have also played more tactically with other players, always assuming an older one is more competitive