Old with the New.

I decided to get on Halo 3 lately and first off; it’s not as great as people make it seem. Sure there’s plenty of nostalgia and there’s also a lot of good ideas, but…going from Halo 4 to Halo 3, a couple of things stood out.

First off, I have a lot more fun in Halo 4. It’s not just the pacing of the game, it’s the action involved. In Halo 3, it’s fun and all to get in a firefight but it’s not as dynamic…I just sorta keep firing until they die. In Halo 4, getting in a fight involved all sorts of strafework, cover, and in my cases, parkour (using trick jumps off of scenery to mess up your opponent). Not to mention there’s a lot more weapon variety in H4 and in H3 80% of people are armed with either the BR or AR.

Which brings me to point 2: The BR was pretty good in H3 seeing as how it was the workhorse weapon. At longer ranges it was more of an annoyance and at short range people used it as a panic weapon. The AR is a beast, though, and I’ve realized that the reticle is a lot smaller. I’m hoping that in H5 automatic weapons get a tighter spread. In H4, though, the BR was sort of ripped into two different weapons: the close range BR and the long range DMR. And while I absolutely love having a diverse weapon dynamic, the DMR does have issues but at least they’re getting fixed (hopefully).

I friggin’ love equipment in Halo 3. They were a bit clunky but the fact that they were one-use pickups that had a lot of power was pretty great. Armor abilities are good but I feel that more powerful AA’s should be map pickups (like the Jetpack, for instance). Some old equipment should be brought back like the Trip Mine (we all have a memory of some poor idiot driving over one on Sandtrap and getting blasted) or Deployable Cover. Then there’s AA’s that should be turned into equipment and improved. The Hardlight shield turning into a massive hardlight wall that can not only protect you but everyone behind you for a good 10 seconds would be cool. And having an autoturret that isn’t a pea-shooter but more of a localized laser cannon that keeps all but the most tenacious players and an entire squads away.

Point 4: Vehicle play.
Everyone praises vehicle play in Halo 3, and for good reason.
When the game starts, at least half of your team rolls out in Warthogs like a rip-off from an old Transformers episode.
And, unlike H4, if you try to 1v1 someone in a vehicle, you’re either going to need insanely good aim or some heavy weaponry. In H4, vehicles are a bit of a commodity and most people use them to just rush enemy bases and power weapons.
In H3 they were just tools to either assault an enemy base or get a ton of kills and that’s the way it should be, for the most part. Just like weapons, every vehicle should have a role to play. If the Scorpion was used for transport and the Mongoose was a death machine it wouldn’t really be Halo.
Oh, and 343, if you read this, please get us some Hornets. Nothing beats getting airlifted out of the enemy base with a flag.

All in all, Halo 4 is a better game than people give it credit for, and for all the people that love the nostalgia of Halo 3, there’s certainly a couple of issues. Point is, as 343 continues to drive the series forward, they shouldn’t be afraid to mix old ideas with new ones. The only thing that brings in crowds more than nostalgia is brand new toys to play with - as long as they’re balanced, of course :wink:

“I decided to get on Halo 3 lately and first off; it’s not as great as people make it seem”

This may apply to you personally, but I’ve seen plenty of people saying that they recently played Halo 3 after not being on it in a while, and saying that it was EVEN BETTER than they remembered it to be, simply because playing Halo 4 for long enough can make you forget how great a Halo game can be.

The BR was absolutely meant to be harder to use at longer ranges in Halo 3, this encouraged 2 things.
One was that it took more skill to accurately hit your opponent from far away.
Two is that it also encouraged close combat, rather than everyone running around with snipers (otherwise known as DMR’s in Halo 4).
You may be part of this new generation that calls it an “annoyance”, but back in my day is was called “skill”.

I don’t know which Halo 4 you’ve been playing, but in the version I have, strafing, taking cover and trick jumps are all much less a part of the game than in older Halo’s, due to the training wheels (otherwise known as armor abilities) that are provided in the game.
Why strafe when you can thrust? Why take cover when you have camo? Why trick jump when you have jetpack?
Get what I’m saying?

I absolutely agree that armor abilities should be pickups.
I also agree that equipment should make a come back.

I really hate the word nostalgia when it is used to describe why people like the older Halo games more.
It implies that it has nothing to do with the quality of the games, and more to do with just having good memories that we are afraid of letting go of.
People hate Halo 4 over Halo 3 for perfectly good reasons.

I agree that new toys are needed to keep people interested, but that is not to be confused with needing a new game.

Halo 2 had new toys, but it was still Halo.
Halo 3 had new toys, but it was still Halo.
Halo 4 has new toys, but it is not a Halo game, unless having Halo in the title is enough to qualify it as a Halo game?

If that is the case, then I’m pretty sure Beyonce has released a Halo game before, I better check it out if I want to still be a real Halo fan.

Played just a few games of Halo 3 today.

My thoughts in general are (and just to clarify, I have played Halo 3 extensively in the past, I’ve played every single Halo):

>Halo 4 has a better Battle Rifle. Halo 3’s is pretty pathetic. I like that it’s a projectile weapon, but it just felt sluggish and innaccurate.

>Halo 4 has an inferior AR. Halo 3’s felt less damaging but far more useful at range.

>Lack of hitmarkers is a bit annoying.

>Warthog is slow, mongoose is slow in Halo 3.

>I really miss the simplistic art style of Halo 3. Everything looked so good, now it just looks so cliche.

>Aiming in Halo 3 is what it should be. The game doesn’t hold your hand, it feels like there’s no aim assist at all even.

>Movement in Halo 3 is sluggish, but at least there isn’t annoying sprint.

>Halo 3 has higher jump height. Trick jumps are fairly easy in Halo 3, but they are a -Yoink- in Halo 4.

>AR starts suck, but loadouts aren’t necessary and still aren’t necessary. It’s already easy enough to find rifles on the map itself.