Old Weapons?

Somehow, my Halo Reach disk went MIA over the past few months and I’ve been playing other Halos to get my daily fix of Grunts. I’ve always been a big fan of games with lots of weapons, and one of the only qualms I had with Reach was the weapon selection. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Reach, but it struck me as odd that weapons like the flamethrower, the sentinel beam, and the smg were not included. I get why they didn’t show up in multiplayer, Halo is all about balance. But in Halo 3, the sentinel beam never once showed up in Live but was still select-able by players in Forge. I personally think that a wide variety of weapons adds depth and feeling to a game, no, we can’t include every single vehicle and weapon from Halo in Xbox Live multiplayer, but why not have them available in Forge? If just for nostalgias sake. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Want to viciously murder me with an energy stave? Post below.

My thoughts exactly. I really started missing things like the Maulers. They have said that Halo 4 will have a large weapon sandbox, so hopefully this will happen. I would like a couple other weapons in multiplayer too, for example if the Needle Rifle is back why not include it in loadouts, it’s balanced. Other than that ya they would go well in Forge.

… Halo3 had “Golden Showers” as a gametype that featured Sentinel Beams.

For the diversity you seek, do me a favour, make a listing of all of H3’s weapons and all of HR’s weapons. Make sure to number-bullet them so we can see the total number of weapons available to use.

As for missing the 3 listed weapons, I understand “where is the FT and SMG” to a degree, but there are no Sentinels in HR.
The SMG is mostly covered by having the Spiker and PR available via your Forge request.
The FT… Who knows.