Old Octagon Settings, or new Octagon Settings

Which do you guys like better.

Old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb0X1mINnvc
100% bloom
3 second respawn
normal shields
normal melee
normal damage

New: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulOe2gXqnWs
0 bloom
instant respawn
normal shield strength with bleedthrough, 10% faster recharge rate (to compensate for instant respawn)
90% melee damage
normal weapon damage

Kampy would still be more awesome than me under any gametype but what gametype to you feel is the best to watch/play

(just like Halo 4, instant respawn’s flow demands larger maps or else it becomes nade spam cluster yo!nki, more so than what is desirable in an octagon game. Map is Called 16-gon complete with 16 sides, 16 respawn points and a referee box. Referee box/spectator level not only allows friends to watch but it settles disputes over “ahh, you only won because you have host” If you Know how to identify who is host, you make the host the “referee” and he sits up there giving the two fighing bellow a fair game.-more or less-)