Old maps featured in warzone maps?

I am late on this, but in the most recent community update post on waypoint the topic of " Raid on Apex 7" has shown many creational drawings before the final product. Looking closely upon one of these with label on location I saw that zanzibar is featured at the bottom center of this warzone map. Even looking as the details I can somewhat see a familiar map pattern of this classic h2 map in this halo 5 map.

I think Spire from Reach would make a phenomenal Warzone map, with the core being placed at the top of the Spire. I always thought the map was a bit too big, even for BTB. Would probably be pretty close to perfect for Warzone.

You’re right, Zanzibar, Cold Storage, Longest, and Highground were featured the in “paper prototypes.”

That was one of the initial ideas, though they decided to stick with something more simple. I would have loved to see this, but maybe some other maps will older maps inside.

Fully unlocked and loaded Forge World would be impressive.
(This comes from the guy who truly has explored ALL of Forge World. Inside the boundaries and out.)

The possibilities of designing Warzone maps like this would be amazing, especially when you take into account how the second “Rush” style asymmetrical Warzone mode could be used in conjunction with asymmetrical maps like Zanzibar, High Ground, Boneyard, Spire, and tons of others I’ve probably missed.