Old Maps Brought to Halo 5

What do you think of the older maps in Halo 5. Are you for it? Or do you think maps should not be recycled. I personally love playing the older maps especially Viking (Valhalla/Ragnarok).

I think it’s kind of weird everyone wants everything classic (weapons, armors, etc.) except the maps. I personally don’t mind classics or remixes. Gephyrophobia from CE would be an awesome Warzone Assault map.

If they brought back the old maps then they will need a re-work due to Halo 5 being different from previous Halo’s in terms of movement. Some of the changes needed will be:

  • Making the maps much larger - The maps would need to be much larger due to Spartans now having constant sprint, thrusters, sliding …etc. Say Guardian from Halo 3 returned with no changes at all; everyone will be running off the edge of the map or the combat will be to slow as people will hardly be sprinting …etc to get around the map. The biggest example for this is Truth. Compare Midship from Halo 2 to Truth and you will notice Truth is much larger then its previous version. - Different heights - The maps would need re-working in terms of the heights of different levels due to there now being clamber. What i mean by this is look at Halo 3’s The Pit. There were certian sections your Spartan could not jump up like the path in the middle of the map near the sniper, you could not jump up there from the ground level, only when a box was there which was in the MLG The Pit map. Now on Halo 5 if that map returned with no changes then Spartans could easily jump up and then the clamber would snap onto the ledge, when you might want it like its classic self where the Spartan would have to run around to get up.Theres a few other things aswell, such as some maps needing more cover due to there being a DMR, BR, Carbine and Light Rifle in the game now. Which leads onto the next point of there being different weapons for the maps …etc which will need balancing and so on.

So i would love to see the old maps return, but just different to work in Halo 5 instead of it being a copy/paste with a shiny new skin on everything.