Old Halo controls?


I’ve been using Recon since the beginning. But in terms of sensitivity, aim acceleration and dead zones, did people find out the closest thing to the old Halo feel? It’s been almost 9 months and sometimes I still can’t aim for -Yoink-. I’ve been changing my settings again and again without ever feeling truly comfortable. Can someone help?

Don’t worry it’s not you. Halo 5 definitely uses a different aiming system called two turn aim and it’s been proven to be unreliable and unforgiving. This game definitely does not feel like past Halo’s because whenever I go back to old Halo games, my aiming is working just fine but in H5, it feels slow and unresponsive regardless of sensitivity and changes to other settings. Here’s my thread where i talk more about it. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/6e35355aecdf4fd0acdaee3cc4156fd4/topics/anyone-else-still-feel-the-aiming-is-clunky/a57563af-3866-4380-ba71-52599aa4fa57/posts

But to answer your question, I’ve been using sens 5, acele at 2, inner at 3% and outer at 0% and I have my vertical being 5. It gives a close representation of older Halos but I still have issues sometimes.

Yeah I just saw your thread and that link was very interesting. Too bad I don’t think they looked at it or cared, cause it’s from 2015 and nothing has changed. I accepted that, but I’m still trying to figure out the closest thing to like H3 or H2 to lock my settings there and never touch it again. I used to play all default btw