Old friends of Halo

Anyone else find themselves in a situation that none of the old halo friends are getting MCC? Looks like ill be hoping that people will party up with me at the end of the game, just like old times

My =OG= Halo friends were on Halo 2 on the original Xbox, then on 3/Reach/4 on the Xbox 360. The ones that count…have purchased an Xbone. I am actually one of the last AFAIK. (But I got a sweet deal on a 48 hour deal around a month ago from Newegg :slight_smile: )

My friends well most of them are getting it but lost allot of them across XBL the past year.

I lost all my old friends from the halo 2 days basically when I disappeared for a while then jumped into Halo 3 post christmas. Didn’t help that I had to use a new gamertag.

I lost all my Halo 3 friends too now practically. Of my original list on my xbox days I have only a couple people. Two… maybe three tops? I am going to change my gamertag again considering it feels like another fresh start.

Long time no see :wink: Haha most of my Halo friends still don’t have an X1 and all of my friends that do have one just play CoD or Destiny. Hoping MCC brings out the old H3/Reach crew

Yea… I haven’t had a friend playing Halo (of any kind) since the first couple months of Halo 4, and that was only 1 guy. All my Halo 2 and 3 friends seem to either not be on XBL at all anymore or are playing other games (CoD).

Getting a New Gamertag recently also probably screwed me on connecting with old friends who pick up MCC

You know it is very interesting to look at the demographics of Halo past and present. Many of the people who played Halo 2 were about my age (early twenties) or older. Now that most of those people went through college and have full-time jobs, there isn’t a lot of room to play xbox anymore. Therefore, most of the friends I made in Halo 2 and Halo 3 have “moved on” in a sense. They no longer see gaming as their main hobby when now it’s drinking, socializing, work, family, etc. You name a purely adult thing and they are doing it. This is the sad part.

However, I would hope MCC brings some of these people back. My best buds and I already have our games preordered. I bought the XBone specifically for MCC so hopefully some people follow suit.