Old Flames or New Flames!!!

I dont know about you guys but I miss the blue flames in reach I miss the flames period even tho 343 been taken over halo hey Welcome home 343i halo will forever live on think about dat but anyways I hope we all can work together to see new flames maybe different color flames or even flames that match our primary color I don’t know about you guys and girls but I love the flames maybe we can earn them with certain achievements like the vidmasters or through higher ranks either way 343i its all up too you regardless Halo will forever be played and live on to never be forgotten.

343i does not have the tech in order to give flames to players. The case of armor effects in the future is slim but as for Reach… It is a certain “no” I’m afraid.

Yea I loved the Blue flames in Reach, I wish they would be able to give them out to everyone like they did with Recon in Halo 3.

I Digital Demon